World School History Project

Uncovering different historical narratives and perspectives in school curricula around the world


The motivation for this project is the belief that many of humanity’s conflicts arise due to lack of appreciation for the different perspectives held around the world. Many of these originate in childhood education, in particular the ways in which current events and events in history are portrayed. Working with native pedagogical researchers, educational practitioners, and historians, this project aims to collate and annotate history curricula and learning materials in order to surface these differences. 

Project components

Developing an easy to query (multi-lingual) knowledge base from curricula and learning materials around the world

We will apply state-of-the-art (AI-powered) annotation, information extraction, translation and summarisation alongside human expert validation and feedback to build a high quality public resource that can be used to develop both digital tools and non-digital learning resources that compare the historical narratives of different countries, regions and time periods. To get a feel for our methods and methodology, follow our tech blog.

Research on the differences in history teaching and curriculum content around the world

We will survey and interview citizens and educators from around the world to understand how history is taught and learnt.

If you are a history educator who is able to spare 5-10 minutes of your time, we invite you to participate in our History Teaching survey and share some of your experience of teaching history.

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